SPECIAL REPORT: Woman Dumped Due To Bad Breath Discovers Sneaky "Trick" To Solve Halitosis

By James Kinsmen | Published

A retired doctor whose mother secluded herself from the outside world due to her severe bad breath discovers a novel treatment for chronic dry mouth. Sounds crazy? Keep reading...

(SPECIAL REPORT) Robert Browning’s breakthrough discovery of how to solve halitosis is taking the world by storm.

Here's what it's all about...

In 2019, Dr. Browning sold over 1.9 million units of his secret remedy for xerostomia (more commonly known as chronic dry mouth) after curing his own mother’s severe halitosis.

Xero Picks® Infused Toothpicks are infused to the core with xylitol which has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria responsible for causing many cases of bad breath. This simple, all-natural toothpick has shown a slew of seemingly miraculous benefits.

Xero Picks® Infused Toothpicks can help relieve even the most acute cases of dry mouth while providing a distinct tingle and delicious flavors.

Americans are already using Xero Picks® on a daily basis. Many say it works like magic. Some say they prefer it because it is so incredibly effective at relieving the symptoms of dry mouth with a revitalizing sensation without any harmful side effects.

We received emails about whether or not Xero Picks® are a legitimate remedy for dry mouth and the symptoms that accompany it. We wanted to take a closer look to find out..

Is This "Miracle Medicine" The Real Deal... Or Just Another Gimmick?

The story of how Xero Picks® were created is fascinating.

Xero Picks® were created by Dr. Robert Browning when his mother Mary, an ex-smoker, had an incredibly severe case of dry mouth.

Mary had been battling halitosis (bad breath) for years, which she was never able to control.

Enduring this embarrassing reality was bad enough but what happened next was nothing short of a nightmare.

Without warning...

Mary suffered two major strokes in 67 days!

Miraculously, Mary survived, but her anxiety raged hopelessly out of control as her breath worsened after the strokes.

She exiled herself from the outside world because in her poor state of mind the thought of forcing her loved ones to endure her offensive breath became too much of a burden to carry.

Because of her recent health problems, her entire family was terrified for her wellbeing, but she would not accept any help.

Her family insisted that they intervene, so she would secretly eat several breath mints at a time to try and hide her bad breath.

She began eating breath mints in such staggering numbers that her blood sugar began to spike.

Desperate to find relief for his mother, Dr. Browning began looking for answers on his own.

Twelve long months later, he stumbled upon a surprising remedy used by ancient healers.

Dr. Browning was shocked to find out the major ingredient turned out to be xylitol, a form of sugar substitute extracted from birch bark.

Once he had the formula, he needed something that could effectively and consistently release the dosage over a long period of time.

He compressed the formula into a simple toothpick... and the results were instantaneous! This novel idea is what started...

Xero Picks® Infused To The Core Toothpicks!

When Dr. Browning gave his mother this ordinary-looking toothpick, she was astonished. This discovery changed her life- literally overnight.

The formula seemed to annihilate her bad breath - in her words - “just like it was never there.”

At the urging of his mother, Dr. Browning began sharing his secret formula with other hurting folks.

At first, people began to enjoy these toothpicks just because of their unique flavor and a distinctly refreshing tingle felt on contact. Over time people began realizing these magic toothpicks were curing problems with their mouths beyond what they thought possible.

Dr. Browning began making bulk batches of toothpicks to help as many people as possible.

Since then, Dr. Browning’s formula has helped thousands of people who had issues with bad breath, tooth decay, sleep disturbance, decreased sense of taste, increased risk of tooth loss, and problems with swallowing & speaking.

Before long, Dr. Browning’s products went from being the talk of the town to a national curiosity. He began receiving emails and calls from people across the nation who wanted to experience this new sensation.

That’s when Dr. Browning took his secret healing formula and improved it. With his patent-pending delivery method, Xero Picks® became a widely used treatment for dry mouth.

What Dr. Browning Did Next Started a Medical Breakthrough.

After seeing such amazing results, Browning knew he could do more with this phenomenal delivery method than just relieve symptoms of dry mouth. He needed to prove to the public that this Xero Picks® could effectively deliver an arsenal of natural remedies.

So, Dr. Browning got to work cultivating an array of products to specifically target different ailments.

With the help of local farmers, he began procuring the world’s finest ingredients and delightfully unique flavors.

The results were astonishing. Through his research and development, he discovered a multitude of other health benefits he never anticipated. Dr. Browning ran additional follow-up studies that concluded his Xero Picks® were nothing short of a real medical miracle.

Xero Picks® users have said they experience:

  • Reduced oral irritation with fewer mouth sores
  • Enhanced breath freshness even after the toothpick is removed
  • Reduced cigarette addiction from oral fixation
  • Improved sleep quality by reducing night time dry mouth
  • Reduced social anxiety by not worrying about breath freshness

Browning’s latest collection of Xero Picks® Plus Wellness includes natural fortification with several vitamins that have been shown to help provide:

  • • Improved immunity support
  • • Increased joint health and mobility
  • • Natural energy boost
  • • Rest and relaxation
  • • Improvement with focus and cognitive function

CBD also enhances concentration and focus… PLUS it can enhance and improve sleep.
CBD has also been proven:

  • • To be highly beneficial in the treatment of seizures, neurological conditions such as MS and cerebral palsy, and anxiety disorders
  • • Studies have found that CBD can relieve nausea and vomiting, making it a great digestive aid
  • • CBD can help relieve anxiety and depression, calm and protect the nervous system
  • • It can promote relaxation and deep sleep, help reduce stress, help relieve insomnia
  • • CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps reduce swelling and also can help reduce muscle and joint pain

The future is promising for Xero Picks®. With such a simple and effective delivery method, these toothpicks give your body this nourishment by bypassing the digestive system.

By utilizing the oral tissue, your body will directly absorb the nutrients infused deep into the core of the toothpick.

This simple little toothpick packs more power than many other ingestible nutraceutical products. Not only are you getting impressive potency, but you also will enjoy nearly immediate results.There is not a faster way to get these amazing benefits into your body safely.

Another high point of this product is sheer simplicity. There is no measuring, no dosing, no mess, no fuss. You can achieve legitimate health benefits by simply slipping a toothpick into your mouth.

Xero Picks® are verified by a 3rd party lab to ensure potency, so you know exactly what you are giving your body. Because they are made from sustainably grown all-natural wood, there is virtually no waste.

This may not seem like a big deal, but in a world where healthcare has grown to become so incredibly wasteful and complex, it’s nice knowing that there is a sensible solution that’s moving towards a bright and sustainable future. If that idea is important to you, then you’ll definitely want to give Xero Picks® your business. Your body and the environment will thank you.

While we’re on the topic of a bright and sustainable future, it’s crucial that you can live long enough to experience it! When you’re administering something into your body, you need to be certain that what you’re taking is safe.

All of the ingredients used in Xero Picks® are not only natural, they are organically sourced from farmers right here in the USA.

Each product is formulated with only proven ingredients that have been cleared by the FDA as being perfectly safe to consume. No added chemicals. No questionable methods.

Xero Picks® have evolved into a company that takes pride in providing an experience that is perfectly safe for everyone to enjoy. The refreshing tingle that you experience isn’t the result of something dangerous, it’s just the power of Mother Nature at work.

"You Want to Be Careful About What
You Put Into Your Body"

When the 3rd party lab tests every Xero Picks® product they ensure:

  1. 1. The Source And Quality Of The Ingredients (Where They Come From)
  2. 2. The Extraction Process Of The Ingredients (How They Are Pulled From The Plant)
  3. 3. The Handling And Storage Of The Ingredients
  4. 4. The Manufacturing Methods And Concern For Purity

Unfortunately, a large majority of supplements on the market today are ineffective and a complete waste of money. Most of the time this is because products aren’t made from quality ingredients, or the manufacturers rely on poor extraction methods which can make them useless and sometimes even dangerous.

It is vital that you find a company that uses all-natural ingredients from sustainable sources with documentation tracing the ingredients from seed to the final product. You can find that with Xero Picks® here:

What's more, Xero Picks® have been proven so effective that...

Big Pharma Vowed To Shut Dr. Browning’s Company Down!

The big pharmaceutical companies have tried everything they can to stop natural supplements (like the ingredients found in Xero Picks®) from reaching the masses. They lobbied to congress, spread fake news on the dangers of perfectly safe ingredients, and even sued Dr. Browning’s company!

Yet, their attack had the opposite effect. In trying to shut down Xero Picks®, the pharma industry ended up raising even more public awareness for the healing power of Mother Nature.

Eventually, Hollywood celebrities started trying Xero Picks® for their ailments, and once they saw how well it worked, they started spreading the word to millions of fans.

Jennifer Aniston: "I Only Use Natural Remedies And Wish More People Knew The Benefits"

Yet here at Healthy Wellness Daily, we needed more proof that Xero Picks® really are the miracle cure they claim to be.

Just because 5 of the wealthiest in the USA endorse the product, does not mean it's a holy grail.We decided to try it for ourselves. And boy we're glad we did.

Last month, our senior editor Taylor Wellington volunteered for our experiment. Taylor was chosen because of her history of smoking and chronic dry mouth.

Below is her story...

Taylor's Real Life Experience With Xero Picks® CBD

"My name is Taylor and I'm a 49-year-old mother of three from Alabama. I have a history of anxiety attacks which has prevented me from living a normal life. Because of this, I have smoked for years because it seems to help calm me down.

Since my diagnosis of dry mouth, the doctor heavily suggested I quit smoking cigarettes (not just because of the dry mouth, but because of the several other harmful effects.) To help me quit, I started using a nicotine-based gum, but that seemed to make my dry mouth symptoms even worse.

When my team chose me to be the guinea pig to try Xero Picks® I almost laughed. "This little toothpick is going to help me get rid of my dry mouth? Yeah right"... I thought to myself. I made a snarky comment that made the other editors laugh before I slipped one of these toothpicks into my mouth.

‘Wow!’ I said right away. My mouth was immediately filled with a rejuvenatingly exotic tingle! The rich tropical mint flavor invaded my tastebuds nearly taking my breath away. I exhaled with an exuberant freshness that lasted for hours! The irritation, bad breath, and even my smoking cravings seemed to vanish because I had this simple little toothpick in my mouth!”

“Although the experience was very enjoyable, I was still very skeptical that this actually accomplished anything. With my gum I had been using, I noticed similar benefits at first but then the problems got worse over time.

This was definitely not the case with Xero Picks®. Even after I had taken the toothpick out, my mouth felt refreshed and healthy. There was no dryness or irritation for several hours. Once I started to crave another cigarette, I reached for another toothpick.

Wham! Just like the first time, my mouth was filled with this beautiful sensation of revitalized freshness. I gripped the toothpick with my index and middle finger, just as I would a cigarette, and the cravings went away again. This continued EVERY SINGLE DAY I used Xero Picks® for the entire 30-day trial. Needless to say, I’ve ordered plenty more and will be a user for life!”

Will Xero Picks® Work For You?

Xero Picks® are perfectly safe and available in all 50 states without a prescription. You can skip the long wait for wallet-draining doctor appointments and the frightening side effects of pharmaceuticals. - Try Xero Picks® Infused Toothpicks instead.

Don't wait, the demand for Xero Picks® is growing by the day. People are figuring out that not all nutraceuticals are equal. And as they discover that Xero Picks® use the purest and strongest ingredients (bar none) – they want it, and they want it now.

Don’t put this off. If you’re interested get yours right now... and why wouldn’t you – especially since you’re backed by a 100% money-back guarantee?


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Real Reader Reviews of Xero Picks® Infused Toothpicks

Finally, a dry mouth fix that’s simple and it works!

As a patient with dry mouth, bad breath and irritation was my constant reality. I was prescribed a costly medication that I always forgot to take. Having these toothpicks around has really made my life easier. It’s a refreshing treat that keeps my mouth busy and feeling fresh! I’m sure my husband appreciates the freshness too!

Erica, P., South Carolina

Works wonders to reduce my stress and anxiety during social situations.

Being a Wall Street Broker, dealing face to face with people is a way of life. I used to constantly be stressed out about my offensive breath. My mouth gets really dry and irritated after talking to my coworkers all day, and I’m terrified that my breath will put them off. I haven’t had to worry about that at all with my Xero Picks®! I’m on top of my game more than ever! Thank you!

Wayne F., New York

By far the best dry mouth product on the market today!

The oral lozenges my doctor recommended to me are just... Yuck! Man I tell you what, these churro flavored toothpicks are de-lish-us! They help with my dry mouth, help give me fresh breath. And did I mention how good these things are?? Mmmmmmm! I’m about to go have another!

Gianni L., Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions About Xero Picks®

What are Xero Picks®?
Xero Picks® are all-natural infused toothpicks targeted towards treating the symptoms of dry mouth. By using our patent-pending delivery method, Xero Picks® deliver consistent doses of natural ingredients directly into your oral receptors so you get the relief you want faster than any other delivery method.

How do I use Xero Picks®?
Simply pop one into your mouth, and let your saliva do the work for you. After extinguishing one end, flip the toothpick around and start over again. There is no need to focus on swallowing because these toothpicks take advantage of the multitudes of receptors throughout your entire mouth to ensure you’re getting results.

How do Xero Picks® work?
Xero Picks® are handmade and infused “inside and out” and “top to bottom” with natural flavors and the highest quality ingredients. Xero Picks® utilize ALL of the linings of your cheeks, tongue, and lips for absorption as well as the oral cavity. The main benefit of sublingual use is that the process bypasses the digestive and metabolic systems, allowing the compounds to reach your bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system quicker.

What makes Xero Picks® different than other options?
On top of the patent-pending delivery method that allows your body to absorb ingredients faster than any other ingestible option, Xero Picks® are infused with the highest quality all-natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and 3rd party tested. Plus they are available in an array of delicious flavors that are out of this world... and if that isn’t enough, Xero Picks® provide our vitalizing signature tingle for maximum refreshment.

Can Xero Picks® help with things other than dry mouth?
Absolutely! On top of the obvious benefit of treating symptoms of dry mouth users have also reported help with:

  • Reduced oral irritation with fewer mouth sores

  • Enhanced breath freshness even after the toothpick is removed

  • Reduced cigarette addiction from oral fixation

  • Improved sleep quality by reducing night time dry mouth

  • Reduced social anxiety by not worrying about breath freshness

  • Improved immunity support

  • Increased joint health and mobility

  • Natural energy boost

  • Rest and relaxation

  • Improvement with focus and cognitive function

What does using Xero Picks® feel like?
The sensation is difficult to describe but in short - remarkable. On contact, your mouth will be filled with a striking tingle that vibrates with pulses of freshness. This exhilaration intensifies when you breathe in and your mouth recharges with a revitalized feeling of pure cleanliness as you exhale with a satisfying wave of relief. To truly understand, you’ll have to try it for yourself.

How much should I order?
In order to fully experience the true power of Xero Picks®, you should get enough to last you 30 days. Everyone’s needs are different, but most people experience the best results with at least three units. Xero Picks® offers fantastic bundle options to get more for your money for those who are consistent users.

What if it’s not for me?
No problem. They are so confident in their products that all orders are backed by a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you don't love Xero Picks®, just let them know and they will do whatever it takes to make it right. So what are you waiting for? Try Xero Picks®Today!


Since this is the first time Xero Picks® have been available online, they are offering massive discounts on their products (for our readers only). This offer is extremely limited. Click Here to claim yours now before supplies are gone and the price returns to normal.

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